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Why You Should Consider An Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Why You Should Consider An Indian Restaurant Glasgow

As some of you know a few months ago we made a trip up to Glasgow in Scotland. During this trip we paid a visit to Glasgow on a mission to find the best Indian restaurant Glasgow could offer. Part of our motivation for this was that the local Indian restaurants near the marina are some of the best we’d ever been in. However after hearing stories about the local Glaswegian Indian restaurants we decided we better give them a try.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The Merchant City

Shortly after arriving in Glasgow we ventured into the merchant city quarter of the city. The merchant city is rich with culture and history and has a number of popular bars and restaurants. What we particularly liked about this area of Glasgow was the wide open streets and old buildings mixed with new surrounding it. After touring the merchant city for a while we found what we were looking for , an Indian restaurant known as the Dhabba.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The Food

Once we had been seated and shown to table we each had 3 courses. We simply could not fault the food and service. Each dish was well prepared and presented and bursting with flavour. Dhabba easily comes top of the list when it comes to considering the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. One of the main reasons for our choice was the curries and variety on offer. Its always a good sign for an Indian restaurant when it has a large number of curries on the menu as it indicates that they are likely to be freshly made and from proper traditional recipes. As expected we received fiery and mild curries which were cooked to perfection and served with fluffy fresh rice and naan bread.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Other Contributing Factors

As well as the food there are a number of other contributing factors which led to our conclusion that everyone should try an Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer. One of these is the service. We found that on arrival we were warmly welcomed and shown to a table. In addition to this service was fast and always with a smile from very helpful and friendly staff. For this reason we wouldn’t hesitate to return to this establishment. Another big factor which should be considered is location. Another reason why we would recommend this restaurant is the location. The merchant city is very nice area to be in and adds character to the restaurant and the buildings around it. Lastly Price , all of the meals we had as a group were reasonably priced and overall we feel we got good value for money.


So to conclude there are a number of different factors which overall influenced our decision about the best Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer. The price , service and quality of the food as well as the location of th restaurant all had an influence on our experience overall. These are the factors we would urge you to consider if you choose to visit Glasgow and are in search of an Indian restaurant Glasgow.

Safety And Security At The Marina

We are writing this post to address any safety concerns new members may have joining the marina. Everyday we take great care to ensure that all the members of the Marina as well as visitors and staff stay safe when going about their day to day business. In order to ensure this is the case we have a number of safety measures in place to deal with any incidents should they arrive. One of our most important assets by the marina is the harbor master. We are always in direct contact with the harbor master to ensure that boats are entering and leaving the marina safely as well as to report any emergencies should they arrive.


In the event of an emergency we have a number of different safety features/contingency plans to protect people. One of our most key assets is the RNLI. The RNLI respond to emergencies and act as first responders to any major incident. We have a direct link to the lifeboat station and should anything happen they respond within minutes. Previously the RNLI has been involved in several rescues around crosby such as the evacuation of a fishing boat just off the coast and also towing in a vessel which had lost all power both in the space of a couple of days. We are extremely grateful for the service the RNLI volunteers provide and are very happy to have them as a safety net should an emergency occur at the Marina.

Training Members/Our Team

As well as the RNLI and our health and safety policies there are also a number of life rings located across the Marina for use if anyone is in distress in the water. This month we are putting all of our members as well as staff through a free training course in basic first aid , CPR and defibrillator training. We are doing this to ensure that our Marina is a safe place to be and to ensure that everyone feels confident in dealing with an emergency as well as first aid. We believe that these are vital skills to learn and that as an organisation we should lead by example.


As well as safety we take security very seriously at the marina. This is why we have 24 hour CCTV as well as security fencing and security guards to ensure that anything you own within our marina is protected. We also have a panic button located within the Marina to alert the police to any ongoing incidents.


Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from the measures we have taken over the past few years. Part of the reason we have adopted stringent safety measures is accidents and deaths at sea near the coast of crosby over the years as well as near misses. With the training we provide as well as the help of the RNLI we want to ensure that it is safe as possible. In terms of our security we have stepped this up a notch due to a spate of robberies within the Town over the past seven months.

How the Marina Club Made Use of our New Electric Stacker Truck

How the Marina Club Made Use of our New Electric Stacker Truck

Over the years that the marina club has been in existence, we have had such a wide range of equipment and tools which our staff and volunteers both use to help boat owners and manage our own goods. Most recently, Crosby Marina Club invested in an electric stacker truck and we found there were more benefits to be had than we first anticipated. We decided to share what we have experienced with fans and members of the club in case there are other businesses in the area who could do with the help of an electric stacker truck like ours.

Read on and find out about the multiple benefits of investing in the right equipment.

Our marina club makes the most of our new electric stacker truck

The Problems We’ve Been Having

In recent times, many of our staff and volunteers have been starting to mention that the heavy lifting involved with the role is starting to cause bad backs and some pain in certain cases. So we knew we had to do something. Buying equipment which would remove the heavy lifting part of the role was deemed essential. We looked at various different options but eventually settled on the electric stacker truck as it seemed to solve much of the problems we had been having and then some. So the committee decided to begin the search for the equipment our staff and volunteers desperately needed.

Finding an Electric Stacker Truck

Finding an electric stacker truck that was fit for purpose was actually harder than we thought. We needed it to be able to lift the smaller of the boats, the fuel tanks we use to help our marina club members and various other heavy items of the marina’s equipment. So we had to get a truck that would be able to hold a variety of different weights and could hold the different shapes securely.

After talking to a few different specialist retailers, we eventually found an electric stacker truck that was perfect for us. We now use it for more than we thought, also using it to stack products in the storeroom of our visitor gift shop.

Boats lined up in the marina bay can make use of our electric stacker truck.

The Benefits We’ve Experienced

As we have already pointed out, we found many more uses for the electric stacker truck than we could have imagined. It has also led to far fewer of our stuff suffering from back pain as a result of the heavy lifting and handling involved with the boats. We think our marina club is a better place to work as a result. If you have any questions, get in touch with the Crosby Marina Club secretary today.

Out of Hours Dentist Manchester | What is a Dental Emergency?

Out of Hours Dentist Manchester | What is a Dental Emergency?

No one particularly likes visiting to the dentist, especially not much it’s an emergency. Many people are unaware of what really constitutes as a dental emergency and when they should just book an appointment. This can take up valuable time for out of hours dentists who are trying to deal with real dental emergencies.
This article will let you know when you should and when you shouldn’t visit an out of hours dentist in Manchester.

UK Luxury Spa Resorts – Where To Next?

UK Luxury Spa Resorts – Where To Next?

Are you working over the spring break? If the answer is yes, make sure you make some time for an obligatory spa trip in the UK. We promise nothing rids stress better than packing your bags and heading out of the city.

Us Brits are incredibly lucky and nowadays, you don’t have to go too far to find a peaceful and luxurious resort.  Whether you are looking for a day away or a spa stay, the UK is full of relaxing locations.

If you are going alone or planning a group weekend with the girls, here is a list of some of the best places to relax, unwind from the daily grind.

Sailing in Scotland: Seafood and Whiskey Galore

Sailing in Scotland: Seafood and Whiskey Galore

The west coast of Scotland is one of the UK’s hidden gems when it comes to sailing. This is largely because it offers first class scenery at an affordable price. Not to mention the fresh local seafood that can be found in the majority of Scottish coastal towns. Here are just a few of Scotland’s top destinations where you can combine your love of seafood, whiskey and sailing.

Roller Blinds In Glasgow | The Many Benefits Of Blackout Blinds

Roller Blinds In Glasgow | The Many Benefits Of Blackout Blinds

If you have been considering replacing your curtains or blinds, you may want to look at roller blinds. There are so many benefits to installing roller blinds in Glasgow, particularly to do with blocking out the noise and artificial light. Roller blinds in Glasgow can help you if you have been having sleeping problems, want to save energy, have been experiencing an increase in minor ailments, or just want to make the room look a bit sleeker.

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Why You Should Consider Joining an Intensive Driving School

Why You Should Consider Joining an Intensive Driving School

All Pass Driving offers  a solution to those who need to pass their test as soon as possible and don’t have time to waste. They say that driving is like riding a bike, once you learn how you have it for the rest of your life. Unfortunately learning to drive is much more expensive and can take many months to achieve, for some people it is even longer. Most people learn to drive when they are seventeen, especially those who live in suburban or remote areas that rely on cars for transport. On the other hand there are many people who don’t feel driving is a necessity. Perhaps they live in the city where they walk everywhere or use the subway, or perhaps they didn’t have the money to take lessons as a teen. However there are many people out there who get to a certain stage in their life and realise they need a car but don’t have the time to take the traditional one hour per week lesson. In these circumstances you should consider joining an intensive driving school.

5 Courses for Those Seeking a Career Change

Everyone at some point or another gets to the stage in life where they feel stuck in Groundhog Day. Perhaps you have ended up in a career by accident that you feel doesn’t suit you. Or have been doing the same thing day in day out and have become stuck in a rut.