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We Got Auto Instagram Followers For Our Social Media

We Got Auto Instagram Followers For Our Social Media

Social media has become an extremely important part of the online marketing mix, and is now considered essential for any business operating in any sector. Not only should businesses have a social media presence, but they should be an active part of the community that they are operating in. Companies need to engage and participate in the social dialog that surrounds their business empire, so that they give off a good impression to customers. Many long-standing businesses did not see the initial value of social media, and thought that it would be a fad that would come and go. These companies are now late to the party, and on the back foot in terms of their uptake and use of social media platforms. We wanted to make sure that our social media activities were performing well right from the get go, which is why we employed a special service to get auto Instagram followers in a way that is not spammy or fake. Read on to find out more.

auto instagram followers

How Did We Get Auto Instagram Followers?

We knew that we wanted to get a buzz going from social media platforms as soon as possible. The golfing community is a huge collection of people, and there are countless social media groups and forums out there for people to connect with each other and chat about all things marina related. We knew that tapping into these areas would be crucial for the development of our business, which is why we set out to arrive on the scene with a bang. We made our accounts and started promotional activities and campaigns right away, but we felt that we wanted to get the followers to come in faster so that we could get more momentum, which is where auto Instagram followers comes in.


How Does It Work?

We are not exactly fully clued up with social media and internet platforms, and despite creating our own tech products and software from scratch, this world was a little bit unknown to us. After a bit of research we realised that engagement on our end was key to getting more followers and engagement from others. The thing was, we were running a business, and we didn’t have lots of time to spare on these types of activities, no matter how essential they were. So after a bit of digging we found a service that basically engages for you with the Instagram community. All we had to do was set it up and specify how we wanted it to interact with users, and away it went doing all the work for us.

The Results

The service that was being offered seemed quite in depth, but the price wasn’t exactly bank-breaking, so we were sceptical at first. We opted for a trial run, and after setting it up and getting it going, we realised it was indeed the real deal. Within a few days, we had already grown our followers by 50, and by the end of the week, that number had doubled to 100. We were impressed and decided to keep the service running and getting us followers.

What You Need To Know About The Air Source Heat Pump Cost

What You Need To Know About The Air Source Heat Pump Cost

As some of you will know recently here at the marina we made a purchase of an air source heat pump in order to reduce our overall emissions and to provide a sustainable source of heat. Since having this installed we have seen a significant change in our energy bills with a sizeable reduction in costs. In this article we will talk you through what you should know about the air source heat pump cost as well as the benefits it could bring you. Companies such heat pumps scotland offer a variety of new and advanced heat pumps at competitive prices.

Air source heat pump cost

An Overview Of The Air Sourcce Heat Pump

The air source heat pump is a form of heat pump that extracts heat from the air around it. This heat can be used to heat buildings as well as water and surfaces in a property. Heat pumps can operate in extreme low and high temperatures and are a very durable asset.

The following points are some of the main benefits of the air source heat pump:

  • Can greatly reduce overall heating and energy bills
  • Considerably lower environmental impact and less carbon emissions produced
  • Provides a sustainable and renewable source of heat
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Grants and funds are incentivised by the UK government for those who purchase heat pumps
  • Heat pumps are less likely to break down than conventional boilers
Air source heat pump cost

What Is The Costs Of The Air Source Heat Pump?

The air source heat pump does of course have costs as with any form of technology. However the UK government offer a number of incentives to offset the cost. One of the main incentives that is currently running is known as the renewable heating incentive. Through this incentive up to £10,000 can be claimed by those who have purchased heat pumps. This is funded over a 7 year period. This greatly helps to offset the overall cost of the air source heat pump.

Typically air source heat pumps start from only £6000. Air source heat pumps needs to be powered by electricity. However overall it saves property owners and tenants on average several hundred pounds a year in heating bills overall.

How Has The Air Source Heat Pump Benefited The Marina?

There have been a number of different ways in which we have enjoyed the overall effects of our new heat pump. One of the main advantages is the overall heat it produces! the clubhouse as well as main and outbuildings have been reported by staff and members alike to be considerably warmer than it has been before.

Furthermore , we have seen our overall heating bills plummet overall. The reduced emissions as a result of our investment in this technology has also proved popular with many of our members.

Air source heat pump cost

What You Should Consider Overall

  • Ensure you have a budget before investing
  • Identify whether or not there is a need for a heat pump in your property
  • Establish your heating costs and expenditure
  • If this would benefit you in the long term

The Importance Of Water Safety

The Importance Of Water Safety

Water safety is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration for anyone visiting the marina as well as people visiting the sea nearby. At the marina we take care and ensure that all out visitors are notified about our water safety standards as well as briefing them on what they should do in the case of an emergency.

What Makes Water Dangerous?

Overall there are a range of different factors that can be attributed to making water dangerous overall. One of the most notable factors amongst these is water temperature. Often open areas with water such as lakes , rivers and the sea are exposed to considerably colder temperatures than enclosed or indoor bodies of water.

This means they will be far colder and may cause some swimmers to go into shock if they are not wearing adequate insulation when they swim. Shock is one of the biggest killers of people in the water as it leads to panic which can cause people to make their overall predicament worse and use valuable energy unnecessarily.

Another factor that can make water dangerous is the dangers hidden underneath. Often water can appear shallower than it actually is due to the way light is reflected on the surface. It may appear shallow but could be deeper and have dangers lurking underneath such as weeds and scrap metal which could injure or trap people in the water.

What Makes The Sea Dangerous?

The sea is a vast body of water which can be prone to unpredictable weather across the globe. There are many different factors that overall contribute to the sea being dangerous. One of the most prominent and well known is the seas currents.

Currents are the flow of water that pushes and pulls water towards and away from the beach. Currents are also found in rivers and channel water in one direction normally downriver towards the sea.

One of the most dangerous aspects of the sea associated with currents are rip currents a.k.a riptides. Riptides are essentially funnels of water that carry water out to sea via narrow channels under the water. Rips are extremely dangerous as they can carry people out to sea within minutes and are virtually impossible to swim directly against as the current is so powerful.

The best thing you can do when cap in a rip is to swim parrallel to the shore until you are out of the rip. Try to conserve energy where possible , stay calm and if you have a float or surfboard make sure you keep hold of it.

Key Safety Tips For Being Around Water

  • Be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards
  • Always ensure children are supervised
  • Let friends or family know where you are going and leave contact details before setting out
  • Try and use beaches for swimming or surfing with designated lifeguards
  • Never underestimate the water and the power of the currents
  • Wear appropriate gear w.g wet suits or dry suits
  • Ensure you check conditions beforehand prior to entering the sea

Self Storage Glasgow Can Improve Yachting Experience

Self Storage Glasgow Can Improve Yachting Experience

Competitive yachting is becoming a pastime which is attracting more and more people. Regularly people will underestimate the importance of utilising a self storage Glasgow in order to enhance their time which they spend on their boats. If people feel like they are far more likely to perform better with their manoeuvring while they are on the boat as a result of feeling more confident in their body then this can only be seen as a good thing. People can regularly underestimate the importance of their firm doing all they can to remain ahead of their competitors. In racing situations on the high seas, competitive advantage can present itself in many different forms.

self storage glasgow

Self Storage Glasgow

Competitors in boat racing situations have been known to do all that they can to get themselves ahead of competition. Utilising every trick in the boat racing handbook to get themselves ahead of rival firms is certainly not uncommon and can have a profound impact on how people perform when they are racing. People can regularly underestimate the need for their boating team to be able to do everything possible to remain ahead of their competition. Simple tricks like using self storage glasgow to improve the team’s confidence levels can prove crucial in the long term. Teams can often under appreciate the need for their squad to evolve over time and better themselves.

self storage glasgow

Learning Curve

The time which is spent by sailors improving their techniques which they utilise in racing situations is immensely important. Training schedules must be implemented in an intense manner otherwise squads can easily see themselves lagging behind rivals in crucial races. Having a solid structure for training routines is immensely important for teams to be able to develop their skill set to the next level. It can prove very complicated for teams to identify what it is that they need to improve within their squad. This is why a fresh pair of eyes can be crucial.

self storage glasgow

Bring In Outsiders

Bringing in outsiders into your boating squad can prove to be immensely important with regards to your squad remaining fresh. People can often underestimate the need for people outside the squad to assess how your team is doing. Teams can often become so absorbed in what they are doing they in turn almost become slightly delusional. Teams can become set in one particular way being the best way for them to perform and they can fail to acknowledge the idea of implementing new techniques.

self storage glasgow

Adapting Practices

Adapting a boating squad’s practices can be a very time-consuming process. However, it is often immensely useful. Making changes to a training routine which a squad has used for years can often be greeted with a lot of negativity from squad members. However, as soon as they begin to see the results from the new training schedule when they are racing, they will swiftly become on board with the entire idea. As soon as sportsmen begin to see results from their new training schedules, the negativity will rapidly disappear.

Why Concrete Repair Is Important

Concrete repair is unlikely to be something everyone has top of their list of priorities. However at Crosby marina club we have learned the importance of property maintenance and in this article we will explain to you why concrete repair is absolutely crucial to maintain the structural integrity of your property overall.

concrete repair

The Basics Of Property Maintenance

In order to address the issue of concrete repair it is important to first establish the basics of property maintenance and why it is so fundamental to the existence of properties. As most people know leaving anything without maintenance or upkeep can lead to irreversible damage and in extreme cases lead to the complete failure or deterioration of the item or property itself.

A good example to use when considering the effects of a lack of maintenance is a car. If a car does not have its oil , tyres , brakes or air filter changed in several years then it poses a serious safety risk and puts people at risk. Therefore it requires regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that it is fit to be driven on the road. A similar principle should be applied to properties as properties often can fall into disrepair and even put people’s lives at risk if they aren’t given adequate care and attention to address any existing issues.

concrete repair

The Importance Of Concrete Repair

This brings us on to the topic of concrete repair. Concrete is a heavy , solid robust material that is often used within the construction industry in order to build foundations as well as buildings. One of the major issues that concrete structures can suffer from is damp. Damp can have a detrimental effect on the overall structural integrity of concrete and can lead to the material weakening and eventually giving way.

concrete repair

An efficient way through which you can identify and eliminate damp is through a property survey. A property survey is normally undertaken through a property specialist and through this method a survey can be done to establish what existing problems there are with a property and what can be done to tackle them. One of the main benefits of using a property survey is that hidden issues can be uncovered and it can also add value to the property as the new owners will know about any issues or whether the property has a clean bill of health.

However there can often be a situation where an issue has already been identified but requires immediate repair. In this situation it is best using the expertise of a qualified property specialist who can undertake the repair quickly and effectively. Concrete repair is not a simple task and is best undertaken by experts to ensure that the work is done thoroughly and effectively.


To summarise there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from concrete repair. What is clear is quick and decisive action through the help of property specialists is needed in order to stabilise a damaged building or undertake concrete repair.

Living By The Coast

Living By The Coast

For many people living by the coast is either a dream or a nightmare for different reasons. Here at Crosby marina we simply love our position at the coast and can feel its benefits day in and day out as we ensure that the cogs behind the machine for the marina keep turning. In this article I will discuss what benefits there are to living by the coast as well as other factors and what we are planning for the future for the marina club.

Living By The Ocean

The sea is an extraordinary force of nature and anyone who comes from a family that lives near the coast can vouch for the ocean’s unpredictability , strength and sheer beauty. Unfortunately many people who come to visit the coast don’t always respect the sea and as a result fatalities often occur across the UK as people underestimate the power and the speed with which the sea can carry people away. One of the most notable things you take account of when you live by the ocean is how quickly the weather and the sea can change. It can be calm and serene for hours and suddenly transform into a frothy stormy sea.

Some of the best people to talk to if you ever want to know the layout of a beach or where rip currents are located are the local surfers. Surfers often well familiarise themselves with the local area before going out surfing and typically have a very good working knowledge of the sea. There have even been incidents in recent memory where surfers have rescued people from the sea. From what I have mentioned so far it is clear that if you stay by the sea it is important to be wary of the sea but also enjoy it. One of the great benefits of living by the coast is the fresh sea sir. The air from the sea if mostly free from pollutants and has many health benefits over air located in cities which are often polluted.

The Future Of Crosby Marina Club

In terms of the future at Crosby marina club we have a lot planned in order to improve the overall facilities as well as the accessibility of the club overall. One of the main attractions of our marina is the well established old dock bar and restaurant. We realise that the bar and restaurant areas could do with a face lift and so in the next few years.

In order to do this we plan to run a number of fundraising events in and around the marina in order to raise the funds required to do this. In addition to the renovation and redesign of the bar and restaurant we will also be contributing 30% of the final fundraising amount to fund a beach clean along the coast line and will use hire vehicles to help clear the litter from the coastline. To preserve the natural beauty of the area it is essential that the environment around us is taken care of and treated with respect.

Cdisc Standards Can Help Employee Health

Cdisc Standards Can Help Employee Health

Every business worldwide seeks to establish their service offering to as high a level as they can possibly achieve. This can provide much more stability to the company and how the firm is able to operate. Firms can frequently be put into awkward positions where they are forced to consider decreasing the amount of personnel which they have working for them. This can often be an extremely daunting prospect for many business owners who will be dreading being forced to make certain members of their staff redundant as it can often prove to be an extremely unpleasant predicament to be in and they may not be healthy.

cdash standards

Cdisc Training

Cdisc training can regularly transform a business from a middle of the road company to a hugely successful firm. Companies can regularly lose sight of why they were initially founded. It is important that companies have clear communication channels throughout their hierarchical structure to ensure that their morals are clearly communicated to their front of house staff. It is vital that the employees who are engaging with the general public are on the same wave length as the people who are at the top of the organisation.

cdash standards

Clear Communication

Establishing clear communication throughout an organisation can prove to be an extremely difficult process. It can take years of hard work for the appropriate standards to be met within a company which allows for people to successfully engage in dialect to take their firm to the next level. Companies often strive to develop their business offering to an acceptable level and it can prove to be a remarkable achievement if this is done without clear and concise communication channels. Firms can lose sight of the importance of them consistently engaging in dialect with their employees. People can become much better at their jobs if they know exactly what it is that they are expected to achieve.

cdash standards

Job Performance

Ultimately every single incentive which a company introduces is aiming to improve the productivity of their employees. Companies strive to improve the way that their employees perform in their workplace and enhance the quality of the output which they are ultimately able to produce. Firms can often fail to appreciate the extent that they must direct their employees to perform in the best manner that they possibly can. This can be done through a number of different ways but most importantly through sufficient one to one training sessions.

cdash standards

Importance Of Training

Adequate training is vital with regards to helping businesses to develop alongside their employees growing their skillset. Firms can help their staff to greatly improve their overall product offering if they can perform the activities expected of them as best as they possibly can. People will frequently lose sight of the importance of developing their staff as they are too interested in purely making financial profit rather than the service consumers receive. This stems from management failing to appreciate the importance of sufficient training which can help to take your firm to the next level. This can often become extremely problematic for employers who are failing to achieve their desired level.

Why You Should Consider An Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Why You Should Consider An Indian Restaurant Glasgow

As some of you know a few months ago we made a trip up to Glasgow in Scotland. During this trip we paid a visit to Glasgow on a mission to find the best Indian restaurant Glasgow could offer. Part of our motivation for this was that the local Indian restaurants near the marina are some of the best we’d ever been in. However after hearing stories about the local Glaswegian Indian restaurants we decided we better give them a try.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The Merchant City

Shortly after arriving in Glasgow we ventured into the merchant city quarter of the city. The merchant city is rich with culture and history and has a number of popular bars and restaurants. What we particularly liked about this area of Glasgow was the wide open streets and old buildings mixed with new surrounding it. After touring the merchant city for a while we found what we were looking for , an Indian restaurant known as the Dhabba.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

The Food

Once we had been seated and shown to table we each had 3 courses. We simply could not fault the food and service. Each dish was well prepared and presented and bursting with flavour. Dhabba easily comes top of the list when it comes to considering the best Indian restaurant in Glasgow. One of the main reasons for our choice was the curries and variety on offer. Its always a good sign for an Indian restaurant when it has a large number of curries on the menu as it indicates that they are likely to be freshly made and from proper traditional recipes. As expected we received fiery and mild curries which were cooked to perfection and served with fluffy fresh rice and naan bread.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Other Contributing Factors

As well as the food there are a number of other contributing factors which led to our conclusion that everyone should try an Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer. One of these is the service. We found that on arrival we were warmly welcomed and shown to a table. In addition to this service was fast and always with a smile from very helpful and friendly staff. For this reason we wouldn’t hesitate to return to this establishment. Another big factor which should be considered is location. Another reason why we would recommend this restaurant is the location. The merchant city is very nice area to be in and adds character to the restaurant and the buildings around it. Lastly Price , all of the meals we had as a group were reasonably priced and overall we feel we got good value for money.


So to conclude there are a number of different factors which overall influenced our decision about the best Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer. The price , service and quality of the food as well as the location of th restaurant all had an influence on our experience overall. These are the factors we would urge you to consider if you choose to visit Glasgow and are in search of an Indian restaurant Glasgow.

Safety And Security At The Marina

We are writing this post to address any safety concerns new members may have joining the marina. Everyday we take great care to ensure that all the members of the Marina as well as visitors and staff stay safe when going about their day to day business. In order to ensure this is the case we have a number of safety measures in place to deal with any incidents should they arrive. One of our most important assets by the marina is the harbor master. We are always in direct contact with the harbor master to ensure that boats are entering and leaving the marina safely as well as to report any emergencies should they arrive.


In the event of an emergency we have a number of different safety features/contingency plans to protect people. One of our most key assets is the RNLI. The RNLI respond to emergencies and act as first responders to any major incident. We have a direct link to the lifeboat station and should anything happen they respond within minutes. Previously the RNLI has been involved in several rescues around crosby such as the evacuation of a fishing boat just off the coast and also towing in a vessel which had lost all power both in the space of a couple of days. We are extremely grateful for the service the RNLI volunteers provide and are very happy to have them as a safety net should an emergency occur at the Marina.

Training Members/Our Team

As well as the RNLI and our health and safety policies there are also a number of life rings located across the Marina for use if anyone is in distress in the water. This month we are putting all of our members as well as staff through a free training course in basic first aid , CPR and defibrillator training. We are doing this to ensure that our Marina is a safe place to be and to ensure that everyone feels confident in dealing with an emergency as well as first aid. We believe that these are vital skills to learn and that as an organisation we should lead by example.


As well as safety we take security very seriously at the marina. This is why we have 24 hour CCTV as well as security fencing and security guards to ensure that anything you own within our marina is protected. We also have a panic button located within the Marina to alert the police to any ongoing incidents.


Overall there are a number of different conclusions that can be drawn from the measures we have taken over the past few years. Part of the reason we have adopted stringent safety measures is accidents and deaths at sea near the coast of crosby over the years as well as near misses. With the training we provide as well as the help of the RNLI we want to ensure that it is safe as possible. In terms of our security we have stepped this up a notch due to a spate of robberies within the Town over the past seven months.

How the Marina Club Made Use of our New Electric Stacker Truck

How the Marina Club Made Use of our New Electric Stacker Truck

Over the years that the marina club has been in existence, we have had such a wide range of equipment and tools which our staff and volunteers both use to help boat owners and manage our own goods. Most recently, Crosby Marina Club invested in an electric stacker truck and we found there were more benefits to be had than we first anticipated. We decided to share what we have experienced with fans and members of the club in case there are other businesses in the area who could do with the help of an electric stacker truck like ours.

Read on and find out about the multiple benefits of investing in the right equipment.

Our marina club makes the most of our new electric stacker truck

The Problems We’ve Been Having

In recent times, many of our staff and volunteers have been starting to mention that the heavy lifting involved with the role is starting to cause bad backs and some pain in certain cases. So we knew we had to do something. Buying equipment which would remove the heavy lifting part of the role was deemed essential. We looked at various different options but eventually settled on the electric stacker truck as it seemed to solve much of the problems we had been having and then some. So the committee decided to begin the search for the equipment our staff and volunteers desperately needed.

Finding an Electric Stacker Truck

Finding an electric stacker truck that was fit for purpose was actually harder than we thought. We needed it to be able to lift the smaller of the boats, the fuel tanks we use to help our marina club members and various other heavy items of the marina’s equipment. So we had to get a truck that would be able to hold a variety of different weights and could hold the different shapes securely.

After talking to a few different specialist retailers, we eventually found an electric stacker truck that was perfect for us. We now use it for more than we thought, also using it to stack products in the storeroom of our visitor gift shop.

Boats lined up in the marina bay can make use of our electric stacker truck.

The Benefits We’ve Experienced

As we have already pointed out, we found many more uses for the electric stacker truck than we could have imagined. It has also led to far fewer of our stuff suffering from back pain as a result of the heavy lifting and handling involved with the boats. We think our marina club is a better place to work as a result. If you have any questions, get in touch with the Crosby Marina Club secretary today.