Social media has become an extremely important part of the online marketing mix, and is now considered essential for any business operating in any sector. Not only should businesses have a social media presence, but they should be an active part of the community that they are operating in. Companies need to engage and participate in the social dialog that surrounds their business empire, so that they give off a good impression to customers. Many long-standing businesses did not see the initial value of social media, and thought that it would be a fad that would come and go. These companies are now late to the party, and on the back foot in terms of their uptake and use of social media platforms. We wanted to make sure that our social media activities were performing well right from the get go, which is why we employed a special service to get auto Instagram followers in a way that is not spammy or fake. Read on to find out more.

auto instagram followers

How Did We Get Auto Instagram Followers?

We knew that we wanted to get a buzz going from social media platforms as soon as possible. The golfing community is a huge collection of people, and there are countless social media groups and forums out there for people to connect with each other and chat about all things marina related. We knew that tapping into these areas would be crucial for the development of our business, which is why we set out to arrive on the scene with a bang. We made our accounts and started promotional activities and campaigns right away, but we felt that we wanted to get the followers to come in faster so that we could get more momentum, which is where auto Instagram followers comes in.


How Does It Work?

We are not exactly fully clued up with social media and internet platforms, and despite creating our own tech products and software from scratch, this world was a little bit unknown to us. After a bit of research we realised that engagement on our end was key to getting more followers and engagement from others. The thing was, we were running a business, and we didn’t have lots of time to spare on these types of activities, no matter how essential they were. So after a bit of digging we found a service that basically engages for you with the Instagram community. All we had to do was set it up and specify how we wanted it to interact with users, and away it went doing all the work for us.

The Results

The service that was being offered seemed quite in depth, but the price wasn’t exactly bank-breaking, so we were sceptical at first. We opted for a trial run, and after setting it up and getting it going, we realised it was indeed the real deal. Within a few days, we had already grown our followers by 50, and by the end of the week, that number had doubled to 100. We were impressed and decided to keep the service running and getting us followers.