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Living By The Coast

Living By The Coast

For many people living by the coast is either a dream or a nightmare for different reasons. Here at Crosby marina we simply love our position at the coast and can feel its benefits day in and day out as we ensure that the cogs behind the machine for the marina keep turning. In this article I will discuss what benefits there are to living by the coast as well as other factors and what we are planning for the future for the marina club.

Living By The Ocean

The sea is an extraordinary force of nature and anyone who comes from a family that lives near the coast can vouch for the ocean’s unpredictability , strength and sheer beauty. Unfortunately many people who come to visit the coast don’t always respect the sea and as a result fatalities often occur across the UK as people underestimate the power and the speed with which the sea can carry people away. One of the most notable things you take account of when you live by the ocean is how quickly the weather and the sea can change. It can be calm and serene for hours and suddenly transform into a frothy stormy sea.

Some of the best people to talk to if you ever want to know the layout of a beach or where rip currents are located are the local surfers. Surfers often well familiarise themselves with the local area before going out surfing and typically have a very good working knowledge of the sea. There have even been incidents in recent memory where surfers have rescued people from the sea. From what I have mentioned so far it is clear that if you stay by the sea it is important to be wary of the sea but also enjoy it. One of the great benefits of living by the coast is the fresh sea sir. The air from the sea if mostly free from pollutants and has many health benefits over air located in cities which are often polluted.

The Future Of Crosby Marina Club

In terms of the future at Crosby marina club we have a lot planned in order to improve the overall facilities as well as the accessibility of the club overall. One of the main attractions of our marina is the well established old dock bar and restaurant. We realise that the bar and restaurant areas could do with a face lift and so in the next few years.

In order to do this we plan to run a number of fundraising events in and around the marina in order to raise the funds required to do this. In addition to the renovation and redesign of the bar and restaurant we will also be contributing 30% of the final fundraising amount to fund a beach clean along the coast line and will use hire vehicles to help clear the litter from the coastline. To preserve the natural beauty of the area it is essential that the environment around us is taken care of and treated with respect.