Everyone at some point or another gets to the stage in life where they feel stuck in Groundhog Day. Perhaps you have ended up in a career by accident that you feel doesn’t suit you. Or have been doing the same thing day in day out and have become stuck in a rut.

This is a completely natural scenario and it is becoming more common for this restlessness to occur earlier in life. Gone are the days of strictly mid-life crises, life crises no longer discriminate and single out one age group. Indeed, more of the Generation Y sub-category are facing a similar problem to that of their parents. Due to an influx of choices, technology, and temptation this younger generation are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with their situations quickly.

People no longer settle for marriage and starting a family in their early 20s, they want to go out and experience the world and new cultures, they go to university and come out no surer of which career path to go down. Research by British psychologists suggested that educated twenty or thirty year-olds are most likely to suffer from a quarter life crisis. Finding themselves thrown into the real world and out of adolescence can lead to a period of confusion and dissatisfaction.

One great way to shake things up is to dive head first into a new and perhaps unusual career option. Courses are a great place to start in this process and allow you to gain the qualifications needed to make this next step. Here are some of the courses we felt are a good place to start. There are some of the usual suspects on the list as well as some unusual ones, like the water rescue course.